Radhika Patnala

Neuroscientist, India

Radhika Patnala is a neuroscientist from India specialising in diverse fields such as cancer biology, neuroimmunology and epigenetics. She is the founder and director of Sci-illustrate. As a life scientist, she embarked on a new-found identity as an artist to explore the intersection of science and art, using the inclusive languages of art and design to help give shape to her own internal reflections. Radhika Patnala has co-curated with Jamila Seftaoui, UNESCO Director for Gender Equality, the Creative Resilience exhibition and prepared its digital and virtual components.

“A virus is neither good nor bad, it is just another element that humans share with the world. Learning is motivated by curiosity and not fear. I hope to transform the visual conversation around COVID-19 science, and perhaps even individual perceptions and how one receives, and copes with the information surrounding COVID-19, its science, and impact on society”

Covid Dreams, 2020, a series of digital paintings, observe a truly global dream event documented for the first time, only made possible by globalization and social media, where many people around the world reported experiencing vivid dreams in response to the stresses of threat to life, quarantine, self-isolation, and work-from-home. “Dreams are a shared human experience, but also very personal.

I wanted to explore this interesting subject of Covid Dreams by using a similarly vivid, dreamlike, abstract, explorative visual theme that captures the multifaceted variety in experiences and ideas related to Covid 19 and its impact on society, but also highlight the ‘shared reality’ that confronted many during Covid times”. This series of 11 artworks captures snapshots of the journey of the virus inside our body and thoughts in our minds, influenced by world events, and the resolution that we have experienced with the coming of the vaccine.