My future is connected to the future of the environment

My future is connected to the future of the environment, 2020, ink drawing and digital art, is inspired by an article written by Adam Vaughan in the New Scientist entitled Spillover, that describes how the pandemic was precipitated by the disruption of ecosystems. Alanah’s artwork represents the transformation of a pregnant woman into a tree to show the connection between people and the environment and the return of urban spaces to nature that flourished during the COVID-19 lockdown. She created this image using a single line to emphasise the indivisible connection between humans and nature and to inspire empathy for the future of the environment.

Alanah Knibb is a neuroscientist and science communicator from the United Kingdom who works with STEM organisations to engage the public with science. She aims to use her artistic talents to transform the idea that humans are separate from nature.



Science Communicator and Neuroscientist
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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