Socializing Fantasy with Relaxing Prophecies

Socializing Fantasy with Relaxing Prophecies, 2021, photographs screen printed on cotton with sepia colour, is a collage of photographs sent by Elvan’s friends of Turkish coffee cups. These cups have played an important part in Turkish daily life for centuries and are a symbol of hospitality, friendship, refinement, and entertainment. During the pandemic it was not possible to come together to socialise or have intimate discussions. Elvan embroidered stories to connect the photographs using metallic and synthetic threads as a way to unify the friends, drinking coffee and chatting as they did before the pandemic a fantastical normalcy.

Elvan Ozkavruk Adanır is a textile engineer from Turkey and Head of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design at Izmir University of Economics. Throughout her career she has combined her scientific and art works, exhibiting in international and national exhibitions.

Elvan Ozkavruk


Textile Engineer
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