Impact, 2020, oil acrylic and spray paint on canvas, expresses the extensive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic globally. The asteroid colliding with the planet is a metaphor for the havoc that it wreaked on many parts of the world. Few events have had such a broad and wide-ranging effect of destruction, pain and loneliness. Creating this work helped Hannah to come to terms with this global crisis and she hopes her work can create empathy for all of us to work together towards better outcomes.

Hannah Payette Peterson is a biologist from the United States of America, based in Germany. She has worked for several years in neuroscience research labs and is now working as a neurotech venture analyst. While working, she keeps studying by starting a master’s programme in molecular medicine. Inspired by her love of science and science fiction, she is also a pop-surrealist artist.

Hannah Payette


Biologist and Neuroscience Researcher
The United States of America
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