Masks, 2021 photographs, were created to show how masks have defined social relations around the world. They have become part of our “new normal”. The masks featured in Jaroslava’s works were created using nanotechnology (electrospinning) from plastic PET waste. According to Jaroslava, “while masks cover the face and nose, they also cover smiles and our emotions. They create new borders between people. Behind these masks are heroes, scientists, and medical staff in laboratories. We do not see their faces. We do not know their names”. [Researcher Ing. Alena Šišková Opálková PhD; Photo © Mgr. art. Anna Šíma Kopková]

Jaroslava Frajová is a textile engineer, designer and material scientist from the Czech Republic. She transforms secondary raw materials (plastic) through advanced nanotechnology (electrospinning) and handcraft (crochet, collage). Currently, she is developing growing biomaterials for sustainable cities.



Textile Engineer, Designer and Material Scientist
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