Frontliners in the time of Covid-19

Frontliners in the time of Covid-19, 2020, is a series of paintings created to pay tribute to the medical staff who were, and still are, fighting against this virus. They show how the virus took over lives and, at the same time, how it changed lives. Noticing the increasing number of losses and positive cases, Jocel felt the anxiety engulfing her. It is through art that she found a way to inner peace. “Creating these artworks taught me not to focus on my fears and anxiety, but rather look into the lessons I learned from this experience”.

Jocel Buensalido is a Dermatologist from the Philippines. Since the age of 14, Jocel explored her artistic side through acrylic paintings on canvas. Today, she finds her artistic inspiration in sciences and has been compelled to create new works to interpret the COVID-19 pandemic.



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