Hard facts in soft materials

Hard facts in soft materials, 2020, videos, was created to help educate the general public on how the Covid-19 virus spreads. Kathrine believes that the public’s trust in the health care system is as important as clear communication of relevant facts. Starting with the R number, her works show how the spread of the virus develops over nine generations of the infection, for different values of R. Kathrine also created the “corona poncho” to illustrate the vaccine coverage needed to obtain herd immunity as well as woollen sitting mats to demonstrate the need for physical distancing. Her artworks have been on display at the CoviDesign exhibition at the Greve museum in Denmark since October 2020. [Kathrine photo © Håkon Sparre; Crochet artwork photo © Kamilla Hjortkjær; Group photo © Tor Tveite] https://en.unesco.org/creative-resilience/froslie

Kathrine Frey Frøslie is an Associate Professor in biostatistics at the University of Life Sciences in Norway. She also runs the science knitting blog Statistrikk.no and has knitted on several statistical concepts and issues such as female genital mutilation or blood glucose regulation. Her goal is to transform the way people see science and statistics through art.

Kathrine Frey


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