Musuminina katu wabula

Musuminina katu wabula (I won’t let my guard down), 2020, digital painting, portrays women’s active participation in the fight against COVID-19. It shows women as protectors of the world who do not give up. Kerene hopes that, through this artwork, she can contribute to transforming the way we see women, starting with the fact that they – especially African women – have been hit hardest by the pandemic. This transformation started within herself: “I realized that this world was not outside of me, but that I myself was in it".

Kerene Kiangu from the Democratic Republic of Congo is a designer and researcher of the cultural and scientific organization the International Centre for Bantu Civilizations. Through her art, she communicates about the environment and scientific phenomena and the importance of solidarity among women, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic that was a lonely time for many around the world.



Science Communicator
Democratic Republic of Congo
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