Connection, 2021, black and white photograph, is one of the last images Petra took of her father before he passed away. Even though her father’s cause of death was not Covid-19, many people would not help them due to their fear of the new virus and she eventually lost connection with him: “Even in his last days, while in hospital, we couldn't stay long with him in the hospital room, because of pandemic restrictions. We were so scared. Every day, I held my father’s hand thinking, that this day could be the last one”. For Petra, this work is a testimony to all the lost connections, only meeting online, scared to go anywhere or to touch each other.

Petra Dragonidesová is a PhD student at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Archaeology in Nitra. She studied classical archaeology in Trnava and was an Erasmus trainee at University of Zadar, Croatia and at ICUA (International Centre for Underwater Archaeology)”.



Doctoral Student
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