Corona and Illumination

Corona and Illumination, 2020, an acrylic painting on mylar inspired by colorized SARS-CoV-2 electron microscopic images, investigates the spiking dynamics of “Corona” at the macro level (the sun’s corona) and the micro level (the corona virus). It strives to humanize and make accessible COVID-19 scientific discoveries and reveals how complexity on such a small scale can have profound consequences globally. The artistic process of creating Corona and Illumination enabled Rebecca to reflect on herself, the great losses, but also a shared sense of humanity and resilience.

Rebecca Kamen is an artist and lecturer from the United States of America who explores the intersections of art and science. She searches for common threads that flow across various scientific fields to capture and reimagine what scientists see. She organizes workshops for science students who she encourages to use the arts as an innovative way of interpreting their research.



Science Lecturer
The United States of America
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