Immune Cells, Neurons, Organelles, and Mitochondria, 2020, digital painting, is a series of pattern designs that are printed on fabric to be transformed into sanitary masks and other products. Some of the pattern designs created by Sumana have been featured in well-known magazines, which has changed her life. The first design features the immunology symbols, neutrophils, B cells and T cells, dendritic cells, antibodies and even lymph nodes. The small circles represent cytokines. Overall, her masks protect humans from exposure to COVID-19 while at the same time showing the power of art in medicine.

Sumana Mahata is a medical student in the United States of America and an artist who specializes in creating scientific pattern designs. She uses her art for educational purposes, for example by creating anatomy templates that peers can annotate. Her goal is to show how beautiful science can be.



Medical Student
The United States of America
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