Wear, 2021, charcoal painting, is an artwork inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and social tensions surrounding the health crisis. Theloni sought to capture the various feelings experienced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, mainly the psychological suffocations of the mask mandates ("to wear or not to wear"), the rising social tensions, conflicts and shaming. Through this artwork, she depicts the unmet desire to know more about the virus and how to survive, the different interpretations of health and the transformation undergone by people who will allow or do anything to maintain their sense of normalcy.

Theloni Coleman is a microbiologist from the United States of America. She has a strong interest in virology and viral immunology and has worked as an editorial assistant in science publishing. She has diverse artistic talents from electronic keyboard composition to painting and design. Her artwork is primarily inspired by philosophy, emotional struggle and survival.



The United States of America
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